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Questions to Ask in Assisted Living Interviews

When it comes to assisted living communities, the choices may seem endless. And while there are a wide variety of communities available, not all are created equal – which is why asking the right questions is so important. When looking for assisted living options for your family member, keep these questions in mind. Care-Related Questions...

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Four At-Home Activities To Combat Memory Loss

Increased forgetfulness is a common side effect of aging — but it’s not inevitable. While you’re never too old to learn something new, just like a muscle, you have to regularly use and challenge your brain for it to continue to function properly. Here are four ideas to help you keep your brain engaged. Play...

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Pre-Moving Checklist For Seniors

The decision to move into a senior living community can be overwhelming for a variety of reasons – and for many, the packing process nears the top of the list. From knowing what to pack and how much to bring, to even finding the motivation to start the process of organizing your belongings, this pre-moving...

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