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Questions to Ask in Assisted Living Interviews

When it comes to assisted living communities, the choices may seem endless. And while there are a wide variety of communities available, not all are created equal – which is why asking the right questions is so important.

When looking for assisted living options for your family member, keep these questions in mind.

Care-Related Questions To Ask

The most important aspect of senior living is the level of support. Depending on your loved one’s wants and needs, it’s crucial to determine if a community’s amenities and services align with what you are looking for. Some topics to think about include:

  • What specific services are included within the monthly rent agreement?
  • Are a la carte services available?
  • Can my loved one transition to more comprehensive care options if needed?
  • What is the ratio of staff to residents?
  • What makes your community’s care services different from competitors?

Community-Specific Questions To Ask

Ensuring residents feel at home, that they enjoy themselves and that they meet new friends is important to their overall living experience. From activities to excursions, dining to other services including hair salons, religious practices and exercise facilities, knowing what mom or dad can expect can ease anxiety around moving in. Some specific questions include:

  • What activities are available for residents? How are they chosen? What is the participation level?
  • What is the dining experience like? Is there flexibility in the menu to accommodate dietary needs?
  • What is the overall social level? Do residents spend most of their time in common areas or in their rooms?

Cost And Administrative Questions To Ask

It may seem obvious, but before committing to a senior living community you need to know the cost and what it includes, as well as other housekeeping items. Examples include:

  • What is the monthly cost and what is included in that fee?
  • How is the community funded?
  • Under what circumstances might costs increase?
  • What policies are in place to handle emergencies?

While asking the right questions is important, it’s also good to remember to evaluate how the community makes you feel. Are the staff warm and welcoming? Do the residents appear taken care of? Is the community clean and safe?

Choosing the right senior living community is a big decision – but being prepared with questions and talking points will help you and your family member make the best decision.

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