Update: Information For Clinical Partners

March 13, 2020

The Legacy Pointe mission founded on providing the absolute best care for our residents. Without your trust in us, we wouldn’t be here today. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity partner with you in creating truly personalized experiences for those we serve every single day.

You have all heard information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) We would like to advise all of our clinical partners that we are here to support patients during this uncertain time. We remain able to accommodate move-ins to our community and can do so quickly and efficiently.

With every seasonal virus and flu, there isn’t a way to completely prevent the spread of infectious diseases. But in these events, we believe our residents are in the best position to receive the care they need. Our team is equipped to provide personalized care unique to each resident and execute the same protocols we have always used for flu-like symptoms.

  • We have culinary teams prepared with virus-specific menu planning checklists to ensure all nutritional requirements to stay healthy and/or fight illness are met.
  • We have housekeeping teams prepared with CDC-recommended cleaning products and processes to sanitize the community multiple times per day.
  • We have specially trained wellness teams to provide personalized care and implement our established protocols for protecting against seasonal illnesses.
  • We have life enrichment teams specially trained to ensure our residents are engaged and connected to the rest of the community in the event of temporary separation.

Referrals and move-ins can be conducted through voice-to-voice meetings (no in-person evaluation required) with our clinical teams to evaluate care levels and facilitate timely move- ins.

Due to executive orders and enhanced safety protocols, all move-ins will be in temporary separation ‘quarantine’ for 14 days.

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For more information about COVID-19 prevention, visit www.cdc.gov/COVID19.